Amazing products I swear by

Two things I deal with on a daily basis are frizzy hair and dehydrated skin due to the desert climate I live in. Therefore, when I found the products that tame the beast that resided on my head and makes my skin silky smooth you bet you bottom dollar I am going to share these Amazing products with the rest of you folks!


Lush, what a wonderful fairy tale place to get bath bombs. Which also was the only reason I ever went in, to be honest. I never really thought of actually using their shampoos and conditioners because I had the misconception they are kind of over hyped. That was until my best friend said they are good and I should give it a try.

So I did, and I never looked back since.

I use the Big Shampoo and Retread conditioner once a week, and Curly Wurly and my American Cream every other time I was doing my hair.


I’ve been using these products for over a year now. Here is my verdict in the simplest way I can put it:

My hair hasn’t felt as healthy, strong and smooth as it did since using these shampoos and conditioners. My hair is just so much more cooperative and manageable plus these products smell so fresh and yummy! It’s ridiculous.

But once the shower is done it’s time for the stuff a curly frizzy-haired girl in dry weather needs to get done!3

Moroccan Oil is the second side of the key to HydratedIntensified and Defined curls growing on top of my head. Yes, I use all three products and the same order I listed them when my hair is half dry. The best thing about this brand is argan oil is the main thing in it and its amazing from your hair.

Now back to Lush, the Dream Cream is always low in stalk here because, in my opinion, it is the only thing that works in this weather -which is why I always buy two or three in case it’s out of the stalk. It’s as moisturizing and creamy as Body Shop’s Body Butters but not as thick in consistency or as sticky, and it works just as well if not better.


I know as far as hair and body products go these are on the pricier end. But I think they are worth it in a sense that a little bit goes a long way. Like the hair styling creams if I use more than one press each my hair ends up looking and feeling greasy -I have medium to long hair. Same goes to the shampoos and conditioners as well, I tend to buy one of each (except the Dream Creams due to reasons) every month or two.

I personally love these products and I recommend you give them a whirl if you feel up to it.


*Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, just stating my honest opinion.


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