All you need to know about summer bag essentials

Yes, it is that time of the year where your skin care and hair care gets revised. And that is how we deal with changing weather and its effects on our skin. And to ensure that you are always summer ready we are enlisting the must-haves for the summer season in your everyday handbag.

summer bag essentials

And hey, with this sweaty season we prefer going for tote bags. Let us take a look at these summer bag essentials.

Now that you got the bag, let’s begin with the stuff within:


We need not stress much on this point.

summer bag essentials



2) Sunglasses:

A pair of sunglasses is a must, avoid squinting your eyes and relax behind a stylish shade. Also when else can you sport them? Grab one soon

summer bag essentials

3) Lip balm with SPF:

Lip balm is a must, moisturizing lips in summers is equally important as it is in winters. Dehydration in summers is common and dry chapped lips will only make you more cranky during this hot, sweaty weather.

summer bag essentials


4)Cleansing foam:

Use a cleansing foam face wash over other versions of face wash to keep the bacteria off your facial skin. Such cleansing foams help in maintaining the normal pH balance of the skin and we know how bad a pimple gets in summers!


summer bag essentials

5) Sunscreen :

UVA UVB: they penetrate into the layers of skin causing irreversible damage. Also premature aging! And Sunscreen is a must throughout the year. Even more in summers. Reapply them as indicated on the product and protect your skin from any damage. In summers you can opt sunscreen in gel form for non-greasy application.

summer bag essentials

6) Energy drink/sachets/tablets :

During summers additional refreshing drinks apart from plain water are essential to keep your body hydrated also feeling nauseatic is common during this time of the year due to the heat. You can carry glucose sachets and yes glucovita bolts are perfect.

summer bag essentials

7) Deodorant :

Sweat and stink! Carry a refreshing deodorant in spray form and spritz some whenever sweaty. Just adds a hint of freshness to your otherwise exhausting day.


summer bag essentials

8) Rose water:

A deo is not always soothing, especially when you have had a sunburn or a rash, and your hair stinks because of all the sweat or eyes get puffy – rose water is a go-to solution for everything. The smell is mild and refreshing. It can be used as a toner for skin, or a mild body mist, a hair conditioner, scalp oil control serum, soothes any sunburn, a good eye soothing remedy after a long day under the sun.

summer bag essentials

9) Sanitizer:

Sweat and bacteria! Avoid them at all costs, carry a hand sanitizer- go for aqua or citrusy fragrances for a more refreshing feeling.


summer bag essentials

10) Stole :

To protect your head from the heat!
summer bag essentials

11) Face wipes:

Summer is the time we mostly face breakouts and majorly due to bacteria sitting on a sweaty face. A face wipe will ensure clean facial skin when washing your face with foam and water is not possible.

summer bag essentials

12) Hair ties:

Hair tied in bun, braided or pony is common during summers to keep your head cool. And hair ties are a must, no number of hair ties in a bag is ever enough!

summer bag essentials


So ladies, don’t let the sun dull your shine and enjoy this bright weather and beat the heat with our summer bag essentials guide.

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