7 Anti-ageing tips that won’t dig a hole in your pocket

Ageing! Many of us dread this word, and in a bid to maintain youthful skin we tend to invest (invest because anti-ageing products are really very pricey) in anti-ageing products available over the counter. But little do we realize how some small things in our routine if missed can speed up aging. Your skin reflects all that you eat, drink and stress about. A few simple lifestyle changes and Anti-Ageing tips to avoid that fine line from developing into a wrinkle are listed below. Read ahead and thank us later.

1. Hydration: Anti-ageing tips

Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles and fine lines. A good water intake ensures hydrated and healthy skin, thereby reducing the chances of wrinkles. And moisturizing the skin will ensure a supple smooth texture from outside.

2. SPF:Anti-Ageing tips

“UVA” “UVB”  You need to protect your skin from these rays! You cannot undo the damage done to your skin by these harmful rays, Sun protection is a must if you are looking for anti-ageing skin care routine.

3. Neck :

Well, very often the most forgotten body part. Many of us are not used to moisturizing the neck along with the face and it is pointless if you are investing in anti ageing products and ignoring the skin of your neck. Dot moisturizer and SPF evenly on the neck and massage it using your fingers in upward and outward motion.

4. Eyes: Anti-Ageing tips

Crows feet? Many times it is the eye area where the ageing signs show up first. Taking proper care of the skin around eyes, being gentle with washing, using right sunglasses, applying eye creams or gels to keep the skin firm and hydrated will help avoid crows feet.

5. Smoking :Anti-Ageing tips

Smoking will only make you look dead and dull. Smoking displaces the oxygen in your skin and makes it dry and more prone to wrinkles.

6. Massage: Anti-Ageing tips

Slathering creams over the face with fingers randomly won’t help if you don’t massage well. Start with forehead gradually moving along the face and neck. Move fingers in outward circular motions and massage the skin care products well.

7. Facial yoga: Anti-Ageing tips

Consult a yoga expert and try facial exercises to tighten the muscles, define the jawline and avoid wrinkles. At first, it might seem funny to make faces but do it and notice how it firms up your otherwise sagging skin.

After all, small changes make a big difference! So, what do you think of these anti-ageing tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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