5 must have patterns for a trendy look

Pink is the new black. Orange is the new black! I am sure everybody has come across these trendy statements, whenever “color of the season” starts floating all over the internet. One tends to associate fashion with solid colors and yes, a bright yellow or pink might help you stand out but if you are really willing to give yourself a makeover on a budget, then experimenting with patterns and prints is a must. Read ahead to know patterns beyond florals and checks and how to incorporate them into your daily look. And yes this is not just limited to dresses, shirts, and trousers!

1.) Polka dots:

polka dots, trendy

Small or big, clustered or evenly distributed – a skirt or top with this pattern gives you a classic trendy look, pair them with solid colors and you are good to go. This is never going out of trend. And if you go for soft nude or pastel-colored garments: one word to sum it all up “young”. Try one and notice it for yourself

 2.) Trendy Stripes:

stripes, trendy

This is one of the most trendy yet, dreaded patterns. Many of us tend to stay away from this pattern. Especially the horizontal stripes! It just highlights all the curves and many find it unflattering. But you have to agree that this pattern manages to give a runway look if paired well. But if you are still conscious about this one, then try experimenting with a long skirt with stripes and pair it with a solid color top and shrug.

 3.) Animal Prints:

animal print, trendy

Aah, I personally find the look risky. Not everybody is willing to wear a cheetah print also carrying it daily is not a wise choice, but the cheetah, zebra, tiger prints are too cute to not try. And what do we do in such cases? Go minimalistic. And how do we do that? ACCESSORIES. You can never go wrong with animal print accessories. A stole or pair of pumps with animal print adds a bit of edginess to your complete outfit and yes did we mention it already? The prints are cute.A must try for sure.

 4.) Aztec:

aztec, trendy

Fav. How can one go wrong with these? It is colorful, fun, unique and it is not really possible to go wrong with these prints. In fact, a garment with this print and that’s it, you don’t really require different statement pieces. And this print is so common yet uncommon. Aztec print pajamas, Curtis, trousers, shoes, handbags are everywhere and yet every piece is so unique.

 5.) Glitter :

glitter, trendy

If you are among people who tend to get anxious before a party thinking what you are wearing is a party like or not, just invest in some outfits with glitter or sparkly fabric. Even if you are not an “All golden” or “ All Silver” person, there are options wherein a simple black dress or tee with some glitter sleeves adds fun to the overall look. And again if you don’t wish to wear glitter, pair such accessories with solid colors.


Avoid mixing two patterns together. Let a single pattern play the game. That’s how a statement look can be achieved with minimum efforts.

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So these were some easy to experiment patterns or prints that will give your regular wardrobe a good makeover. Do let us know your favorite prints in the comments below.

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