28 Times The Parents On PLL Nailed It! (Best: Ashley Marin)

What comes to your mind when you think about Pretty Little Liars? Most probably ‘A’ or ‘A.D.’ or ‘Uber A’. If you go deeper in your thoughts you’ll think about Spencer’s quick wit, Hanna’s bubbliness, Ali’s transformation, Aria’s outfits, couples you ship or at the most feel sorry for poor Emily. You would argue about Spaleb vs Haleb or Emison vs Paily. You will think that why these girls just don’t call the cops. Right? But how often do we fans think about the parents on PLL? They are some of the most underestimated characters on the show who deserve much more credit than they actually get. So let us take a look at 28 Times The Parents On PLL Nailed It! Especially Ashley Marin (Hanna’s mom).

28 Times The Parents On PLL Nailed It!

1. Even though Ella Montgomery was mad at Aria for dating a teacher, the way she is consoling her is remarkable!

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2. I hate to agree with him but that is true in some cases.

3. Teaching your child about forgiveness is one of the best things a parent could do.

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4. Hanna and Ashley Marin! The unbreakable bond.

5. I wish Ali’s mom told her this!

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6. Ah! The epic PLL mom get togethers!

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7. Why did he cheat on her if he loved her so deeply? I’ll never know.

8. Hot Mama loves tango!

9. And the best parent award goes to ASHLEY MARIN!

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10. This is the root cause of misunderstandings!

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