Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel review or Baba Ramdev Aloe Vera gel review

Hello readers, today I am reviewing Patanjali Aloe-Vera Gel. We can’t deny the importance of aloe vera for our skin. I completely trust this amazing herb during bad skin days.  Although it isn’t very difficult for me to cut out a leaf from an aloe vera plant as I have it in my home but it is a bit messy. Here is when Patanjali aloe vera gel (baba Ramdev) comes in handy! If you are an Indian you must know the greatest Yogi of all time Baba Ramdev who has cured many illnesses with yoga. He always emphasizes on using natural products instead of paying a huge chunk of money for western medicine. So, keeping this in mind, let us take a look at Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel review or as most of you know, Baba Ramdev Aloe Vera gel review.

These days markets are flooded with different aloe vera creams & gels, and it becomes a bit difficult to find a good aloe gel. Most of the brands set a really high price due to aloe vera as the main ingredient. This one is from Ramdev Baba’s initiative so I thought it must be more natural as compared to other brands out there.

Baba Ramdev Aloe Vera gel review:

Baba Ramdev aloe vera gel review


Rs.75 for 150ml

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Baba Ramdev aloe vera gel review

It comes in a transparent plastic tube with an orange flip open cap. The cap is secure enough to make sure there is no leakage of product. You can easily squeeze it out for use.


Aloe Vera 90% W/V, Base Material – q.s, Permitted Colours – Tartrazine Yellow and Brilliant blue, Vitamin E, Fragrance and Preservatives q.s

Product description(what it claims):

Aloe Vera Gel for natural beauty, safety and useful for removal of pigmented spots.

My Experience:

Patanjali Aloe Vera gel has a green color and a faint pleasant smell. I fell in love with this product since the day I started using it! It is a lightweight aloe vera gel which has a perfect gel like consistency and spreads out over the skin easily. Also, it gets absorbed by the skin very easily. Not a lot of people know that you can also use aloe vera gel as makeup primer alternative. I use it before applying foundation to get a smooth finish. You can also use it as a natural after wax gel as it soothes skin irritation and reduces redness & bumps. It is slightly sticky after application but the stickiness goes away after some time. I also use it as a natural hair gel to avoid frizz. Since I opt for heatless hair curling techniques, I put it on my hair before curling them and it holds the curls for a longer duration. (Note: It is not a substitute for heat protectant). Patanjali Aloe-Vera Gel or Baba Ramdev aloe vera gel works wonders on sunburns too. All these amazing uses for such a reasonable price!

How to apply:

Take a generous amount of this gel and massage it onto your face & neck.


  1. Travel-friendly packaging
  2. Highly hydrating formula
  3. Contains 90% aloe-vera extract
  4. Natural product
  5. Lightweight
  6. Affordable
  7. Soothes irritated skin
  8. Can be used as a light-hold hair gel


Availability might be an issue

My Rating: 


Do I recommend buying Baba Ramdev aloe vera gel?



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