10 foods you should never eat

By any chance if you are looking for turning your life around, by taking care of your health, one of the easiest steps to begin with is a change in your diet and here we have for you 10 foods you should never eat. Even if you are working out a lot, if you don’t focus on your diet you are still going to face health issues. When it comes to awareness about diet, a lot of people still seem confused. Everybody just knows that junk food is bad, but there are also a lot of food options that might seem healthy but are actually bad for you.

So here we have for you the 10 foods you should

never eat:

For making things a bit easier for you, we have a list of food that you should completely erase from your diet, if you are looking forward to get fitter. A lot of these options might surprise you as they have been marketed by some of the biggest companies in the world as health food, nut in reality it’s not the case and each of them has harmful effect on the body.

1. Microwave Popcorn:

10 foods you should never eat

Almost everyone feels these are one of the healthiest snacking options that you can have. The main problem with microwave popcorn is the packaging it comes in. The poly bag has a coating of perfluorochemicals. This specific chemical has been shown to be a cancer causing agent. Also most of these popcorn also contain diacetyl. This substance when inhaled in huge amount can have harmful effect on the lungs. One of the best alternatives, is to but organic corn and just put them in a pan with a little bit of oil. Then just cover it and your healthy popcorn will be ready in minutes.

2. Energy drinks:

10 foods you should never eat

The sad part about these drinks is that they are marketed as something really healthy and that you can have it every day. They just have very high amount of caffeine and stimulants that offers an energy rush for some time. But as soon as the level of caffeine drops, you will feel extremely lethargic. So make sure you stay away from all kinds of energy drinks.

3. Coffee:

10 foods you should never eat

Now a lot of people might not like, me mentioning it in my list. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a coffee drinker myself and it helps me to be all awake in mornings, ready to take over the world. But here we are talking about the way; most people have their coffee that can be really unhealthy. If you like to have your daily coffee with loads of sugar and cream, it’s not right. Instead try to have a cup of black coffee, so that you can have all the goodness that a cup of coffee provides and no bad effects. In fact, some of the long term benefits of having black coffee include lowering risk of Parkinson’s disease and Diabetes.

4. Apples:

OK so apples are unhealthy? It needs a little bit more explanation than that. See we are talking here about the apples that are grown conventionally and are mostly found in market. Why? Must be your next question and the answer to this is that is these apples have heavy amounts of pesticides on them that can lead to so many health issues. They are bad for hormones in your body and may even cause some serious nerve damage. Washing it thoroughly or peeling is still not a solution as the pesticides tends to still be present. Try to either have organically grown apples or just skip it all together.

5. Low-fat Curd:

10 foods you should never eat

So for all the fitness freaks out there the current trend is only having low fat curd. This is also one of the foods that have been marketed as a healthy option for people who are looking to lose some weight. The thing is that although it doesn’t have high fat in content, but there is a lot of added sugar for enhancing taste. So instead of having something filled with artificial flavorings and high sugar have the plain full fat version, as it will be a lot better choice than the one you get in market.

6. Fruit juices:

10 foods you should never eat

The reason to avoid them completely is they have high levels of fructose in them. See it this way that a can of soda contains around 50 grams of sugar and a glass of juice has almost the same amount of fructose present in it. So instead of going for a fruit juice, try to have a whole food so that you do get fiber as well or have vegetable juice as it will be of a lot more benefit and low sugar levels.

7. Instant noodles:

10 foods you should never eat

Now isn’t this one of the favorite food choices for all bachelors and students around the world, It’s cheap, it cooks in minutes and it does really taste good. But the health issues that might arise with it are scary. Not only it will make you fat as it is high in calories also there is absolutely no nutritional value to it. The high amount of sodium, disturbs your blood pressure levels and chemicals like MSG and tertiary-butyl hydroquinone are derived from petroleum industry and we eat it. So although, it might not effect on your heath if you eat it once a month, it is still best to avoid it completely. Instead try whole wheat and Quinoa pastas as they have fiber in them and you can add vegetable to it for a higher nutritional value.

8. French fries and chips:

Again one of the favorite snacks, people tend to have. These are again deep fried and have high level of sodium in it. The trans-fat will harm your cardiovascular health and as it is high in calories, you will gain weight for sure.

9. Bread:

10 foods you should never eat

Having a sandwich is one of the easiest breakfasts to have. But the bread is made from refined flour that has gluten in it and is just empty calories you are having every day. Most people don’t know that even the so called brown bread that we find in our country today has added caramel for the brown color and is marketed as whole wheat bread or brown bread. So, until you can cook multi grain bread at home, it’s best to avoid it.

10. Granola bars:

10 foods you should never eat

These so called protein bars, that are supposed to be healthy again can do more harm than good. They have a high amount of sugar in them and a lot of times refined grains. You need to focus on reading the labels correctly here. If you can’t just skip it completely  try to make your own or just carry a box of healthy nuts and seed with you all the time to munch on at times of hunger. These contain healthy fats and in case you are craving for something sweet, this will take care of it as well.

This was our list of 10 foods you should never eat. Surely a lot of these foods on the list might have surprised you. Let us know what are the other foods that one should avoid in their diet? We all here to take care of each other after all.

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