5 Biggest and dangerous blogging mistakes all beginners do and how to avoid them

No one is born knowing everything. And when it comes to making money on the internet, it is certainly not a child’s play. Whether you’re  new to blogging or you’ve been doing this for quite some time, there is always something new that you can learn. When you’ve learned how to use WordPress, you probably think you have all the basics covered. But You might have been blogging for a while now without much success. But if you realize these blogging mistakes you are doing at the right time, you will definitely be able to turn around this negative situation and make the most out of blogging.

blogging mistakes

Mistake-1: Starting a blog without preparation 

This is one of the most blogging mistakes a blogger does. You start a blog, write a post and go out of your way to promote it. Even if you get your desired view count, is it worth all that effort just for a single post? Have you considered opening your mind to the fact that a reader will definitely be disappointed if he sees only one post on your blog? He will consider you a beginner and will soon lose interest.


Whenever you decide to start a blog just don’t do it right away.

  • First, decide at least 5-10 topics for your blog posts and write them.
  • Choose appropriate images for all posts.
  • Store them systematically so that they can be put to good use at the very instant they are needed.
  • When you start your blog, don’t publish the pre-written posts all at once.
  • Link another related post to a particular post. That interests your reader to explore your blog more.

Mistake-2: Hard to read fonts

Imagine if you have to search for some really important information. You reached a site that has the answers to all of your questions. But as soon as you start reading, you begin to strain your eyes due to the micro-mini particles floating on the screen. What would you do? You’ll quickly switch to another website. There is no shortage of options out there.

blogging mistakes


It is not easy to make your content stand out among millions of websites out there. The least you can do is not making your blog difficult to read.

Mistake-3: Non- Appealing color combination

No offense to people running sites with Black background and white text or worse, black background with bright yellow text. But you are responsible for half of the world’s eye problems!


Your text should be soothing to the eyes of the reader. Dark text on a white background- Perfect! Bright light text on a dusky background- BIG NO!

Mistake-4: Relying only on social media for blog traffic

There is no doubt that social media plays the most important role in driving traffic to your blog. We can’t underestimate the importance of social media in our life. But that is not everything. Most beginners don’t know the concept of Search Engine Optimization. They don’t make their blog search engine friendly and rely only on social media for traffic. While it is really beneficial to have a good social reach but you should never underestimate the importance of Search Engine traffic or Organic traffic.

blogging mistakes


Use the plugin ‘Yoast SEO’ to make your site as well as individual posts and pages. SEO friendly websites get long term traffic from various search engines.

Mistake-5: Not having a monetization plan

If blogging is just a hobby for you then there is no problem. But if you wish to earn through your blog then being ignorant about monetization plans can turn out to be disastrous.


If you want to make decent money with blogging you need to do proper research on various ad networks and other monetization strategies.

Bottom line, if you want to make something good out of your blogging career, you need to stop doing these dreadful blogging mistakes.



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